Weber Acrylic Medium

Permalba® Gessos A premium gesso for preparing canvas, wood, masonite®, cardboard and most surfaces. Gives a fine, white painting surface suitable for all techniques including oils, acrylics, alkyd or casein colors, watercolor, tempera, resin-oil, ink, pencil or mixed techniques. Can be thinned with water. Apply with brush, paint roller or air brush. Waterproof when dry.

Prima® Gesso are available in both white and black. Formulated of pure pigments in a 100% polymer emulsion, they provide an excellent flexible film and fine tooth surface to canvases and non-oily surfaces for acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, gouache, etc. Ideal for professional, hobbyist, decorative and beginner painters alike. Prima® Gessos are packaged in three convenient sizes. The gallon size has a built in carrying handle and a stay tight lid. The 236 and 473ml sizes are in flexible squeeze bottle
containers with a flip top lid perfect for smaller projects.

Glazing and Retarder Medium Mixes well with acrylic artists colors and acrylic house paints to provide a transparent yet full bodied blaze, while also extending its open time. The “Open Time” for this glaze is 5 minutes, depending on amount of medium used and environmental conditions. Improves paint adhesion and flow, reduces paint drag, and improves film flexibility. Dries to an even, soft gloss. Ideal for creating Faux Finishes.

Crakle Medium creates a cracked appearance on surface paint, which will display the underlaying layer of paint color(s), in order to replicate the effects of age or to create visual interest to surfaces. It can be used on any surface suitable for acrylic paints such as wood, ceramic, plaster, clay, primed metal, canvas, paper etc.

Flow Medium Thins acrylic paint and produces a smooth flow and workability. It improves color blending, minimizes brush strokes and levels acrylics for more even, predictable paint coverage. It is immeasurably better than water to thin acrylic paints because it will retain richer colors and stains. It slows drying time and provides improved flow for air brushing techniques.

Glazing Medium Provides a transparent, yet full bodied color, which also extends acrylic colors. It will improve paint adhesion and flow, reduce brush drag and improve film flexibility. Paint mixed with Glazing Medium dries to an even, soft sheen.

Gloss Varnish and Painting Medium Provides a permanent, protective gloss finishing varnish for canvases and surfaces painted with acrylics. It dries to an even, soft gloss. It can also be used as a painting medium and will thin paint and improve brush flow. Color transparency and gloss effect will increase.

Matt Varnish and Painting Medium Provides a permanent, protective matte finishing varnish for canvases and all surfaces painted with acrylics. It can also be used as a painting medium and will improve brush flow. Drying time will be prolonged and acrylic paints will dry to an even, non-reflective finish.

Glass & Tile Medium Imparts an excellent, permanent adhesion for acrylic paints on nonporous surfaces such as tile and glass. When mixed with acrylics it transparentizes color and slows drying time. Items painted with acrylics are for decorative purposes only and should not to be used for food service.

Fabric Medium Transforms acrylic colors to smooth flowing, permanent fabric paint, which will then perform similar to a fabric dye, because it permits the paint to be absorbed into the fabric rather than “sitting on top” of the surface. It dries flexible and will not peel off.

Extender Gel Will increase transparency, extend color and alter the body of acrylic tube colors. Each will enhance brush characteristics, hold moderate impasto texture and improve film durability. When mixed with the Extender Gels, colors will dry in the same amount of time as acrylic paint directly from the tube. If a longer drying is desired, Prima Retarder Gel may be added.

Retarder Gel will prolong the drying time in proportion to the amount added to acrylic paints and will also enhance brushing characteristics.

Modeling paste is a firm bodied, paste-like acrylic compound, which can be molded or textured when wet and carved when dry. It can be applied to surface with palette knife, brush or fingers. It dries to a hard, but flexible mass. It may be used under paint, mixed with paint or over paint.

Pumice Stone Coarse is used to create a gritty surface texture which dries hard yet flexible. It can be applied under paint or mixed with paint, and can be mixed with other Prima® Gel Mediums to create various effects. Apply with a palette knife or painting tool of your choice to almost any primed surface.  

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