Magi Wap Poster Color

1. Poster color is a kind of opaque water color, similar to gouache, suitable for various fine arts design and typeface design.

2. Poster color is less glue more pigment, moderate thickness, strong covering power, good fluidity and use smoothly and evenly.

3. Poster color can cover other colors due to its strong covering power, and can be revised easily at any moment.

4. Mix easily, paint smoothly and dry quickly.

5. Water is good enough for diluting.

6. Poster color is widely used for design, poster, advertisement, propaganda and so on, ideal painting color for students as well as practice purpose.

7. Each Poster colors are refined by unique formulation.

8. Selected many single pigments, so, the color more purer and cleaner compared to the ones made by the assorted pigment.

9. Very suitable for examination because of its stability and multiplicity colors.

10.Non-toxic, odorless´╝îpassed the certificate of EN 71, ASTM D 4236 & AP.


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