Turpenoid® Gel Oil and Alkyd Painting Medium

Fast drying with high cohesion. Turpenoid® Gel increases transparency of oil colors and creates impasto. Turpenoid® Gel is clear, semi-soft and smooth.
Extremely stable and flexible; holds brush strokes in place.

Res-n-gel ® Oil Painting Medium

Res-n-gel® is a full strength, ready to use, synthetic resin gel. It is a transparent, full bodied medium which extends expensive oil colors. It is ideal for glazing effects. Res-n-gel® gives a buttery brush response, prevents colors from running, retains character of brush strokes, holds sharply defined detail, adds luminosity and brilliance to colors and accelerates drying. An excellent medium for painting with either brush or palette knife to create a full range of impasto, opaque, translucent glazed effects. Nontoxic.

Pure Refined Linseed Oil

Finest quality, purified and refined linseed oil is pressed from flaxseed. Contains no free mineral acids. For use in diluting oil or alkyd colors and making painting mediums or to clean brushes.


Mix desired amount of Liquiglaze with artist quality oil color. Excellent medium for fine detail, impasto or glaze effects. Dries quickly, resistant to yellowing and provides a long lasting quality paint film. The consistency of Liquiglaze is a soft translucent gel, ideal for mixing with heavy bodied artist oil color. May be thinned with Turpenoid®
or Turpentine.

Oil Paint Transparentizing Medium

Use to transparentize oil colors and as a flow medium for stroke work. Great for antiquing and oil rouging. Can be used as a varnish. Prolongs drying time. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water. Nontoxic.

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