Maries Oil Medium

Three in One oil medium

The oil contents damar resin which is a kind of glossy medium. And could be used as a varnish to be applied on the parts of which you want to re-paint can make the parts golssy and keep the adhesive of the layers of the oil paints.

Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

For mixing colors. lessdecoloring ad discoloring. Higher adhersiveness and plasticity. Transparent appliying to light colors such as white.

Dammar Glossy Varnish 

It contents Damar resin and turpentine which mixed in scale of 1:3 it can prevent the paint to contact the air and moisture directly. It is the esiest dissolvable varnish when people want to remove the old varnish. It shall be used when the painting are completely dried and notice not to be mixed with water.


 For Cleaning painting instrument and dirty of paints surface.

Matt Varnish

To put the bottle in hot water before using, it can be used as same as glossy varnish only after the wax are dilluted and it appears as transparency liquid. The function of which is to be matt. Do not mix it with water when using.

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