Pebeo Huile D'Art Oil

Huile d'Art oil offers a balanced range of 60 shades divided into three sets of prices depending on the pigments used. The organic and mineral pigments are carefully selected and blended according to their characteristics (lightfastness, covering, colouring power, brightness). Very finely ground, they are strong and brilliant with remarkable intensity. Unctuous and supple, the paste is suitable for all techniques and faithfully reproduces the imprint of the artist. The selection of siccative oils and the binder, is one of the major factors ensuring long term durability: avoiding irreversible changes such as darkening of the work, variation in brightness or the appearance of micro cracks. Thanks to studies conducted jointly by Pébéo and the National Photo Protection Evaluation Center, high performance oil blends have been developed, guaranteeing optimum preservation. Huile d'Art whites have an exceptional stability to aging.

Colours: Intense, permanent and remarkable resistance to thermal and photo-oxidation. Whites are particularly stable to yellowing. Extreme fineness of grinding and smoothness of the paste. Constant viscosity from one colour to another.
Thinner: Solvents, oils or mediums depending on the desired effect.
Brush cleaning: Essential oil of petroleum.
Surfaces: Canvas, cardboard, wood ...
Drying: Dry to the touch in 4-9 days for an average application.
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