Pebeo Extra Fine Acrylic

The acrylic paint offers many advantages: fast drying, dilution with water, indelible after drying, easy to use, allows for a variety of classic and modern techniques, colour permanence and resistance to ageing. Pébéo's Extra-fine Acrylic offers great performance characteristics: extremely high pigment concentration, very fine particles for perfect dilution and an even satin finish. The range of 79 shades, are divided into opaque and transparent colours. These are ideal for making glazes. The metallic colours of the range: gold, silver, bronze, pearl, copper and vermeil gold - are generally used pure. There are10 colours that have been developed from interference pigments. These colours, called DYNA, change colour with the angle of the refraction of the light. The Extra-fine Acrylic allows for a multitude of applications and techniques: including working with a brush, knife, collages ... The gels, mediums and Pébéo's acrylic mortars expand the scope of creative possibilities by varying the texture and brightness of the colours.

Colours: intense, strong covering power, satin finish, odorless. Small variation between wet and dry colour.
Can be mixed together. Excellent lightfastness. Resistant film, and flexible to movement.
Thinner: water
Brush cleaning: water.
Surfaces: canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, cement ...
Drying time: dry to touch in 30 minutes to 1 hour, and completely dry in 1-8 days depending on the thickness.













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