Lukas Aquarell Studio


Germany's Finest Studio Watercolors!

LUKAS has once again broken the mold and created an affordable watercolor for both students and professionals alike.

  Pure, intense pigments combine with exclusive wetting agents to produce vibrant watercolors with exceptional coverage. Now you can have the best for one low price! The only difference between LUKAS Aquarell Studio watercolors and artists' grade paint is the use of high quality substitutes in place of some traditional (and often toxic) pigments. 24 brilliant watercolors are available in 10ml tubes,

 as well as sets of either tubes or pans; perfect for indoor painting or plein aire work! Experience LUKAS Aquarell Studio Watercolors today and discover the professional quality color behind the student grade facade!

 -Highly concentrated pigments allow for intense color and transparency

 -Many one-pigment shades make for clean, outstanding mixing capabilities

 -Superb light fastness means your paintings will retain their brilliance and not fade over time

 -Excellent dispersion and refractive quality

 -Artists' quality watercolors at student grade pricing! 




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