Group Art Show



On Tueday, February 18, 2014 at  3:00pm

At Adamson University Art

Gallery, Manila


Waray for ‘step/action,’ is the Kasikasi Art Association of Tacloban’s latest group show in Manila after facing the most difficult challenge ever to their modest efforts at keeping the Leyte art scene alive: super typhoon Yolanda.
With studios completely damaged by wind and floodwaters and with the sole cafe-gallery in the city that supported their shows swallowed by the storm surge, the exhibit is in a way a fledgling but bold and determined attempt to rise above the muddy debris and rebuild the artmaking way of life. 
In this show, the styles, media and perspectives may be as varied as the number of artists but the common palpable statement is that art, specially after the November tragedy, is an important element in the community and that there is an urgency to make up for what has been lost and begin anew in a way that a fresh body of works can fill up soonest the present artistic void. Some pieces confront the tragedy head-on as a way of coping with the pain and trauma and hopefully attain some healing; others are celebrations and assertions about life’s beauty as a reason to move on.
The Kasikasi Art Association of Tacloban was established in 2000 by visual artists whose simple vision was to cultivate and develop a local visual arts scene. Difficult the challenges they faced along the way may have been, the artists have managed all these years to give the local art scene a semblance of continuity and sustainability, with Yolanda being a painfully rude but nevertheless only a temporary interruption