Solo Show of

Dominic Rubio


There are very few artists who can reach the success achieved by painter Dominic Rubio. Famed for paintings of “long-necked” figures in colonial 19th and early 20th century garb, Rubio and his works have become popular with both critics and collectors around the world. Last year, however, his career became sidetracked by a massive heart attack which not only endangered his physical ability to paint, but also had him question the very essence of his art.

Although the recovery has been long and arduous, thankfully, Rubio not only survived, but is now filled with a new perspective on life. Painting became a source of relief for him—a way to refresh and reflect the sense of joy and gratitude of being given a second chance. New works done amid the recovery process have a brighter character to them, and are remarkably more optimistic. They capture a bold sense of discovery and wonder, with some works even having abstract elements. But they remain distinctly works by Dominic Rubio, who is an artist acutely aware of his identity and unique approach to art.

“New Dawn” is the result of Rubio’s newfound zest for life. It is an exhibit of thanksgiving, but also an exhibit that charts out the artists trajectory into a new phase in his artistic development.