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In 1862, Dr . Franz Schoenfeld (born in 1829), the great - great - uncle of the current managing director, founded the Artists' Colours and Canvas Manufacturers Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld (LU - KAS); located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Opposite the highly respected Düsseldorf Academy of Art, Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld's father owend a special artists' materials shop, which was still praised in 1902 as the "greatest and oldest of it’s type . ’’ It was at his father's shop that Dr . Fr . Schoenfelddiscovered his own interest in art and artists' materials.

Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld studied in Giessen and Heidelberg .   Graduating with a Doctor's in Philosophy at the early age of 20, he then went on to broaden his knowledge and develop his scientific understanding working as an assistant at the University of London, followed by the Netherlands.

In 1896, he chose a new location for the firm opposite the "Düsseldorfer Painting Set" (Düsseldorf Paint Box) . To this day, it remains an international meeting place for artists, architects, and writers.

The production of water - colours has been around since LUKAS' conception . One of the greatest advantages of liquid water - colour is its fast colour take up with the brush, which Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld found a way of incorporating into the recipe of the water -colour in pans . By doing so, he created the "moist artists' water - colour".

From the outset, Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld has instilled a commitment to quality, without compromise . Our recipes have been optimally formulated in accordance with the most modern painting techniques and using only the very best pigments and binders . Through the combination of constant high - quality manufacturing we can guarantee the brilliance, and light fastness of our colours, which is one of the best prerequisites for ensuring the durability of artworks over many generations . LUKAS artists' colours areacknowledged to be among the best available for serious artists .

Since the turn of the century 1900, the LUKAS symbol has been an important political brand - decision, that continues to shape our corporate image . Saint LUKAS, patron protector of the painters, has become the name for all products from the manufacturer Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld . The symbol itself, has adjusted to the many graphic trends and tastes' of the times, which makes it a true representation of the LUKAS company.

In 1960, due to an increase in interest for LUKAS artists' colours, the company moved to a new location, on the outskirts of Düsseldorf, where the factory is still situated today.

From the beginning, the company has remained the property of the founding - family . In 1907, Paul Schoenfeld took over the company from his father and just before his death, in 1919, he passed it on to his nephew Dr . Eduard Talbot . In 1957, Eduard's daughter Christa Heus - gen - Talbot inherited the company and passed it on to her son in 1998, Huber - tus Heusgen, who is now the actual managing director.

One of LUKAS' best - known employees was Professor Hans - Gert Müller, editor of the 12th to 15th editions of the Max - Doerner - Classics . The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting, was a standard book of painting techniques, available in the German speaking area.

In 1964, LUKAS was the first manufacturer in Europe to produce artists' acrylic colours . Consequently, LUKAS products have always been in accordance with the most modern techniques . This reason, along with LUKAS' strive for superior quality, led manywell - known artists to trust the quality of our colours throughout the years . One of the best known examples is that of Vincent van Gogh, who wrote in a letter to his brother, in 1885, that he had ordered colours from Schoenfeld of Düsseldorf . The Achenbach brothers also wrote that they were only using colours from Schoenfeld's, as they were extraordinarily pleased with them . Furthermore, modern painters and graphic designers like Josef Beuys and Hans - George Baselitz, the designers of the STELLA Musicals, also came to trust in the supreme quality of LU - KAS . LUKAS’s quality products are not only available in Germany, but also in over 80 different countries such as; Norway, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The traditional company philosophy for LUKAS Artists' Colours and Canvas Manufacturers Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld stands to this day as; "Price - conscious and uncompromising in quality" . Our first priority is to serve all painters, restorers, and artists alike.

8 Reasons for an Artist to become a LUKAS Customer

1) Highly Reliable and Superior Product Quality For 140 years, LUKAS has represented supreme product quality . Famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, the Achenbach brothers, Joseph Beuys, and Hans Georg Baselitz, as well as the designers of theSTELLA musicals have all come to trust the products from LUKAS Artists’ Colours of Dr . Fr . Schoenfeld.

2) Innovative and Uselful Product Concepts In 1964, LUKAS - a forerunner of technology - was the first in Continental Europe to offer acrylic artists’ colours . Today, LUKAS still stands above the competition due to a high level of product innovation . All concepts are tailored to individual target groups and are far superior, in comparison, to other standard products available in today’s market . Whether it is the big 200ml oil colour tube, water - mixable oil - colour LUKAS Berlin, liquid - acrylic artist colour from the bottle, or dishwasher resistant porcelain colour . LUKAS supreme quality remains the same.

3) Well balanced Product Concepts of Colour, Ground, Brushes and Painting Pencils 75% of the painting - problems discussed with our technical service team involve inappropriate use of poorly prepared painting ground . Moreover, using the highest quality colour will not lead to a good result if an inappropriate brush is used . A good choice of material is very important . With LUKAS you can rely on the materials to match with eachother optimally . The use of the right product makes artistic work much easier, no matter what level of quality (master, professional or student) you are working with.

4) Availability of a Wide Range of Speciality Products that ”Mass Suppliers” no longer Produce LUKAS offers the artist a wide range of speciality products that are no longer produced by other major suppliers . Our programme includes 100 different mediums in filling - sizes up to 5 litres as well as several products for gilding and The starting point begins with exquisite raw materials, which are dispersed carefully with a processing time of at least 30 minutes and then ground for up to 14 cycles . The colours are stored for up to 6 weeks to ripen . Afterwards, they are put through quality tests and then the filling process.

5) Attractive Price Quotation Through the use of up to date and highly efficient production procedures (technologies of a vacuum dissolver, and modern machines for filling tubes and bottles) . LUKAS can offer a wide spectrum of products with excellent price -performance ratios . LUKAS also maintains a unique partnership concept with renowned proprietary Bruynzeel, a specialist in manufacturing pens and pencils, our manufacturing partners for Brushes in Nürnberg, stretched canvases in Belgium . Therefore, all LUKAS products can be declared a good buy.

6) Price Attractive and Well Considered Starter - Sets It is our dearest wish to keep the hurdle for beginners as low as possible . Therefore, we have compiled various well considered and price attractive Starter - Sets.

7) Direct and Personal Care with Individualized Service LUKAS has a very close and familiar contact with its clients, ensuring that each situation is handled with individual care . Although each retailer receives the advice of an individual sales representative, that is merely one person from the LUKAS team . Behind LUKAS service there is direct contact to the production and forwarding department, as well as their advisor in the office . In the laboratory, technical advice is also provided in response to all paintingquestions.

8) Wide Range of Training Seminars Last but not least, LUKAS offers a wide range of training seminars . They include two day sales person seminars or short one day seminars, where you will be taught essential painting techniques and given the opportunity to try them on your own . We also offer various painting seminars throughout the year, including some holidays . Colours are stored & shipped all over the world . restoration, different kinds of acrylic primed linen in different widths or red oil - chalk - pencils and artists’ painting sticks .






At all times well known artists and professional designers have decided for the quality of LUKAS artist's colours, although it is not always to be dublicated, as we are selling over business partners. Exemplary for many renowned professionals are the following four references, which are provable for the use of LUKAS colours of the company LUKAS KÜNSTLERFARBEN, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld GmbH:



In the year 1885 Vincent van Gogh wrote a letter to his brother Theo, mentioning that he ordered colours from the company Schoenfeld (LUKAS) in Dusseldorf.

" Dear Theo,

I just want to tell you in a view lines, that I have finished a few works which I like to send you. (...)

I am also curious to the new l´Hermitte, if there is one released this month.

I have ordered colours from Schoenfeld in Dusseldorf of some shades which I couldn´t get here well.

That the picture with the potatoe eaters is not good in some details, is caused by the colours. I was reminded, because I painted a big stillife and was searching for similar colours; I was not satisfied as even then the results were the same and I overpainted it. Initiated by this experience, I should have had a better result with the mineral blue, what I have now, instead of the old one.

Best regards, g.d.D. Vincent"

Quotation translated from:
Van Goghs Briefe, Vincent Van Goghs Briefe an seinen Bruder, letter 414, published by Gesins van Gogh-Bonges, volume II, Insel Verlag, 1988, page 708f

Prof. Dr. Andreas Achenbach and Prof. Oswald Achenbach

I am very pleased to declare, now in my 81st year of my life, that I have exclusively painted with colours from Schoenfeld and that my paintings never cracked or have darkened. I could convince myself on an exhibition on the occasion of my 70th birthday where a great variety of my pictures were shown. I don't know a better recommendation.

Dusseldorf, 20th October 1895
A. Achenbach

I have never used other colours than Schoenfeld colours, as I have always been very satisfied with them.

Dusseldorf, 4th January 1896
Oswald Achenbach


Since many years Georg Baselitz is trusting in the excellent premium quality of LUKAS SORTE 1, finest artists oil colour.

("Joseph", "Les Miserables", "The beauty and the beast")

After intensiv comparing studies the team of the Stella designers have decided for LUKAS fabric paint because of the high lightfastness and washing stability to colourate their costumes and for LUKAS ILLU-COLOR to paint their stage properties of the well known musicals "Joseph", Les Miserables" and "The Beauty and the beast".

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