About Pebeo

The Family Spirit

The Pébéo company, well known for its colours and accessories for fine arts, leisure and teaching, is a family business which lives with its time.

Founded in 1919 by Claudius Chaveau, Pébéo has handed down its passion for alchemy of art from father to son.
Robert Chaveau placed the emphasis on creativity and quickly became noted in graphics, fine arts and educational environments.

Eric Chaveau, the current chief executive, developed his father’s work and gave Pébéo an international dimension.
Thus, for three generations the same ideology and the same mission has been perpetuing : offer everyone the means to full expression in finding the pleasure of using quality products that are easy to use and that fully meet their expectations.
Their permanent research combining the talent of engineer and artist, allows Pébéo to be today recognized as the most creative company in the paint business, mixing its passion for art and its know-how as an industrialist.



The Team Spirit 
The 200 people working in Gémenos all share the same company values. Each individual expresses his passion, each respecting the other with the common desire to give customers the best of his know-how. This team spirit explains the attachment of the staff to Pébéo and the dynamic creativity which is the company’s strength.

The Spirit of Innovation

Pébéo is a true laboratory of ideas. For over half a century, its inner research laboratory has constantly improved products.

Technicians inspect the quality of products at every phase during manufacturing. Chemists invent new products to keep ahead of market expectations and continue researching, the company’s driving force.

Thus, every year, Pébéo offers artists new products that are even better and easier to use.







Spirit of Adaptaion

Pébéo has adapted its traditional craft qualities, industrial productivity and new consumers requirements.

It has centralized its production in the ultra modern factory in Gémenos, near Marseilles and ensures optimum quality.

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