The Most Dangerous Animal

Wire Tuazon






The Most Dangerous Animal, Wire Tuazon’s solo exhibition at MO_Space, presents a series of allegories on the dual nature of the human psyche: the liminal space between the ethical and bestial, between instinct and morality.

Working in assemblage and sculpture, Tuazon presents an exhibition of fictive artifacts and hybrid legends, all fundamentally connected by accounts of transformation across states and scales. Drawing out connections between the historical, ethnographic and the folkloric, Tuazon’s works hints at how more primal forces continue to inform civilisation and contemporaneity itself.

Tuazon was a recipient of the CCP Thirteen Artists Award in 2003. His body of work ranges from painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. Tuazon was a founding member of pioneering art collectives such as the Surrounded By Water in the 1990s and the Neo-Angono Artists Collective, founded in 2004.

- Lisa Ito

The Most Dangerous Animal opens at MO_Space on 23 April, Saturday and will run until 22 May 2016.