Dear Boss, I Quit ..... xoxoxo

By Reuel Rendon





On October 3, 2015 @ 5:00pm







Newcomer to the local art scene is Reuel Rendon. Letting go from the corporate work space, Reuel has now dedicated his career to the arts as he embarks on his 1st solo show with Nova Gallery this October. Ambiguous and ambitious as it may seem, Reuel sparks a fresh take on the contemporary / pop genre, diving straight into the deep-end of things. His style — fixated and intrepid.
Reuel’s artworks are deeply connected to his love of cartoons and film, expounding and intertwining the senses of the two genres. As a self-taught artist, it is hard to believe that Reuel has never had formal lessons in painting, lending the impression that anyone who just puts his or her mind to the test, can most definitely achieve the unimaginable. “Dear Boss ... I Quit xoxo” tells the story of how Reuel’s journey into art, begins.