By Kat Medina



The Drawing Room, Metrostar Building, 1007 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City
25 April - 18 May 2015

Artist reception: 3-6PM Sat 25 Apr 2015

Twice Removed, as an exhibition, is about a “sense” that has gone astray, leading to this limitations of being in-volved. The conditions are such that we are led to be habituated in systems of living without being aware of getting accustomed to them. Ideas of what natural is – a cacophony of objects, types of experiences and other signs that have become too easy to identify – are packaged to discount any imprint of process. In such conditions of production that Kat Medina inquires the misrepresentation of the contexts of these things and systems. They are imbedded as acceptable, and bring about a bigger inquiry into labor as the human sense that supposed to be ingrained into these products. As a maker of things, Kat Medina solves the issue through craft as a trajectory from handwork to mechanical production to craft work.