J Walking 2

5th Solo Show of

Janice Liuson-Young

At The Crucible Gallery

4th Level, SM Megamall, Building B

On March 9, 2017, 6pm



Consider the act of crossing a busy Metro Manila street during rush hour. It requires balance; a passionate audacity; cat-like reflexes; ninja stealth; and a zen-like calm.

Not exactly a walk in the park, this is the street - with all its cris-crossing cars, jeeps, trucks, buses, tricycles, bikes and motor bikes - all struggling for passage and supremacy; sometimes with blazing speed, but often in bumper to bumper gridlock. Still, the wayward pedestrians (of which there are legion) have to cross the street to get to school, or work, or home, or to eat. So they take their chances.

Avoiding drivers with road rage, and the occasional overzealous enforcer, they gingerly create a path where there is no path; draw order from chaos (or is it theother way around?); and form a connection where moments before there was only separation.

Crossing streets can be dangerous. But then, what can one expect? It's an art. After all, the making of art is like crossing a busy Metro Manila street in the middle of rush hour.