Pure emotions emerge from colour, from paints - inert materials that are nevertheless alive and ready to be moulded into a work of art that takes its shape and soul from the natural talent of the painter by emphasising creativity. Maimeri is all this and more. Much more than just a manufacturer of "paints": a workshop of pure pigments and powerful sensations. The search for perfection and purity is the mission that still today intensely distinguishes the dedicated company laboratory set up by Gianni Maimeri.

Gianni Maimeri,self-portrait,1930


SINCE 1923...
Gianni Maimeri was always passionately determined to transform pictorial material into the perfection of a work of art. These were the concepts that in 1923 inspired the founding of the company in Milan by Gianni and his brother Carlo, an industrial chemist. The company was soon challenged by one of the most disastrous moments ever to hit the world economy - the 1929 recession - yet Maimeri managed to upgrade and improve its operations to overcome "black Tuesday" superbly. It was Art that saved Industry - and the Art of Gianni Maimeri that ensured the valorisation and growth of the company. The first "workshop" was set up at Mulino Blondel in the Barona quarter and later, in 1936, the premises were transferred along Roggia Carlesca.

War-time difficulties were then followed by the hardships of recovery and reconstruction, the economic boom in the 1960s, innovation and market globalisation - all of which marked the progress of Fratelli Maimeri Srl. And in 1951, after the death of the founder, the future of the Company was entrusted to Leone, his son. Leone, a charismatic and enterprising figure, supervised the delicate conversion of the promising yet small original company into the dynamic industry of today. In 1974, proving once again its capacity to keep pace with the times, the company was one of the first in Italy to install a waste-water depuration system in harmony with new legislation. Gianni Maimeri, Leone's son and named after his grandfather, the founder, then converted the business into an equity company - combining the family's deeprooted passion with rapid company growth. He still manages the company today. As of 1993, Maimeri spread the concept of Italian product quality all over the world, achieving great success in Europe, Russia and the United States and markets in more than 60 international countries. The company still enjoys close links with the Maimeri Foundation, founded in 1997 by Gianni Maimeri, the painter's grandson. This institution was set up to promote the poetics and artistic thought of the painter who founded the company.

Gianni Maimeri Painting for a poster, 1924 oil on canvas

Beauty and purity of colour are the main ingredient in Maimeri paints - since continuous and detailed research into raw materials is the hallmark of the Company. Still today, Maimeri manufactures its products in accordance with the original recipe of the founder - "oil plus pigments and nothing else". At times,this involves using highly-prized pigments that are often very difficult to procure and upholding traditional mixing techniques to avoid blending dyes with other, unnecessary substances. The features of the ingredients used and their particular processing merge harmoniously in products that embody tradition and innovation. The Maimeri range is truly extensive. Nevertheless, the search for simplicity and purity demands impressive technical experience in formulating all the shades - one by one - with different and variable mixes to ensure perfect quality and processing.


From the outset, Maimeri has especially focused on commitment, research and quality in order to achieve its objectives. These are important values that the company has always upheld and still considers today as fundamental for its development. Thanks to the experience gained in almost a century of history, the company is looking to the future in relation to a number of vital objectives. Maimeri has decided to maintain all its production in Italy, contributing in this way to local economies. Maimeri always and in any case seeks a competitive quality-price ratio without compromising its renowned standards in any way. Maimeri develops, produces and distributes products that represent its own identity and that of its loyal retailers. Maimeri views its clients as essential partners in the life and development of the Company.


Tradition and innovation are the distintive elements that have always characterised Maimeri. In recent years, continual efforts by the research and development laboratory have ensured the launch of new colour ranges. Today in the light of international competition, Maimeri has further extended its plant in order to tackle the major challenges the company will have to face in coming years. In this way, the small business set up in the 1920s has expanded into a company boasting a precise and proud reputation on the domestic and international market for Fine Art products. Company facilities and services currently occupy premises of 11,300 sq.m. The purpose-built warehouse ensures effective exploitation of new IT technologies in stock and shipment handling operations. Company production is up-to-date, efficient and perfectly tuned to market.

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