Painting Palette 

Painting Palette


Disposable Paper Palette

Paper Disposble Palette is suitable for use with oils or acrylics. Great for any artist, they are easy to use and mess free.

Grey Matters Paper Palettes

  • Acid-free palette paper
  • Smooth mixing surface
  • Toned in a neutral grey
  • Provides a neutral backdrop on which to view colors
  • When using a toned painting support, mixed colors appear on the palette as they will in the painting
Empty Palette Box
Schminke's various empty boxes offer the possibility of also storing individual colour combinations safely and conveniently in boxes. In particular with watercolours and pastel colours, but also with AERO COLOR® Professional bottles, this is the perfect solution for storage and transportation.
Masterson's Stay-Wet Palette
Masterson's patented process keeps acrylics and other water-based paints moist on the open palettefor hours. Once the lid is closed, the paints will stay in workable condition for days, even weeks! Paints will not dry out!

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Wooden Drawing Board 45cm x 60cm x 1.4cm

Wooden Drawing Board 45cm x 60cm x 1.4cm

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45cm x 60cm x 1.4cm
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