Paintbrushes are used for applying ink or paint. These brushes are usually made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule.

Short handled brushes are for watercolor or ink painting while the long handled brushes are for oil or acrylic paint. The styles of brush tip seen most commonly are:

  • Round: Long closely arranged bristles for detail...

Paintbrushes are used for applying ink or paint. These brushes are usually made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule.

Short handled brushes are for watercolor or ink painting while the long handled brushes are for oil or acrylic paint. The styles of brush tip seen most commonly are:

  • Round: Long closely arranged bristles for detail
  • Flat: For spreading paint quickly and evenly over a surface. They will have longer hairs than their Bright counterpart.
  • Bright: Flat brushes with short stiff bristles, good for driving paint into the weave of a canvas in thinner paint applications, as well as thicker painting styles like impasto work.
  • Filbert: Flat brushes with domed ends. They allow good coverage and the ability to perform some detail work.
  • Fan: For blending broad areas of paint.
  • Angle: Like the Filbert, these are versatile and can be applied in both general painting application as well as some detail work.
  • Mop: A larger format brush with a rounded edge for broad soft paint application as well as for getting thinner glazes over existing drying layers of paint without damaging lower layers.
  • Rigger: Round brushes with longish hairs, traditionally used for painting the rigging in pictures of ships. They are useful for fine lines and are versatile for both oils and watercolors.



Diamant Brush

*Bamboo Bristle Brush

*For Arcylic and Oil

Eterna Brush
Hog hair bristle. Long, natural, clear lacquered handle. Similar to the 579 Series this range has been specifically designed for junior students and amateur artists. It is ideal for oil and acrylic work and can also be used for poster and mixed media effects.

Fundamentals Brush

Short handled brush sets are primarily used for decorative arts and watercolor while long handled brush sets are for oil and acrylic painting.

Long handled brush sets are far better than traditional easel brushes given to small children and can greatly enhance their experience. Serious artists should consider these sets to compliment their existing brushes when the best brush is not needed or not practical. All sets with brush pouch.No matter what the project may be, these brush sets provide first time artists with a wide selection of brushes for a very reasonable price. The long handled brush sets are far better than traditional easel brushes given to small children and can greatly enhance their experience. Serious artists should consider these sets to compliment their existing brushes when the best brush is not needed nor practical. All sets come with brush pouch.

Fancy White Taklon- brushes in sizes 00 and 2 fan blender, 1 and 3 round and 4 shader. 
Natural Strokes 4pcs Set- style brushes in sizes 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". 
Natural Strokes Set- brushes in sizes 3/4" and 1".
Triple Stroke Gold- Triple Stroke Gold brushes in sizes 2 round, 6 shader and 1/2" angular. 
Basic White Set- in sizes 2 round, 4 shader and 3/4" wash. 
Decorative Arts Set- brushes in sizes 1, 3 and 5 round, 3/8" shader and 4 filbert. 
Mini Gold- Includes mini sizes 00 fan and 10x0 liner brush. 
Natural Strokes Large 3pcs Set- Large Natural Strokes brushes in sizes 1/4", 1/2 and 1".
Super Assortment Fine- Fine brushes in sizes 1, 3 and 5 round, and 2, 4 and 6 shader.
Classic White Watercolor- brushes in sizes 3/0 and 2 round, 1 liner, 4 and 6 shader and 3/4" wash.
Classic Golden Watercolor- brushes in sizes 5x0, 0 and 5 round, 2 and 6 shader, 2 liner and 3/4" wash.
Basic White Watercolor 4pcs Set- Basic White watercolor brushes in sizes 1 liner, 4 round, 8 shader and 1" wash.
Golden Wash- brushes in sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" wash brush.
White Taklon Long Handled Basic- White Taklon brushes in sizes 1 round, 4 bright, 4 filbert, and 6 flat.
Basic Natural Bristle- Large bristle brushes in sizes 6 round, 8 flat, and 12 filbert.
Artist Painting Basic Set- Includes sizes 2 red sable round, 4 flat and filbert taklon, 6 round, 8 flat, and 12 filbert. 
Bunch Of Bristle Rounds- Bristle round brushes in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. 
Bunch of Bristle Flat- Bristle flat brushes in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. 
Bunch Of Bristle Filberts- Bristle filbert brushes in sizes 2, 6, 8, and 12. 
Multi Purpose Talkon Flat- brushes in sizes 2, 6, 8, and 12.

Jack Richeson Oil & Acrylic Brush

Famous for their lasting qualities, easy care and affordable price, our synthetic oil & acrylic line of brushes offers a great seelction for any artist. Made with the lastest hi-tech fiber, these brushes are available in three textures to compliment different painting styles.

Maries Martol Brush
Marie's fine flat head bristle hair painting brushes for oil, gouache, acrylic painting.

Maries Shapes Nylon Paint Brush Wooden Handle Gouache Watercolor Oil Painting brush drawing

Pebeo and Deco Lotus Brush
These top quality brushes from Pebeo are specifically designed for painting onto fabric, glass, porcelain and wood. Square/flat ended synthetic - look after them and they will last for ages.

Lotus brushes are springy, hard wearing, easy to clean, and have good colour retention.White polyamide synthetic bristles; stainless steel ferule; long, blue lacquered handle.Pébéo lotus brushes are ideal for painting with thinned oil paints and acrylics.Pébéo Lotus Round brushes are available in 10 different diameters from 18 to 73mm.The brush heads are available in round, bright and filbert shapes.

Professional Permalba Bristle & Sable Brush

With innovative materials comes an innovative tool-that’s why artists can trust Permalba® Artists Brushes. This professional series of oil and acrylic brushes continues the tradition of quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Permalba name. Striking in appearance, this line boasts elongated handles with a silky iridescent pearl finish and seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules to secure interlocked bristles of pure red sable or premium white hog. Professional Permalba® Artists Brushes will deliver the artist the ultimate in precision, control and consistency for years! Available individually. 

Tiger TOP Brush

Tiger Top Brush is a affordable type of nylon brush that can be use in any medium in painting.
ideal for thin paint which spreads easily, such as watercolor paint, and for detailed work as they can form a sharp point which allows for precision painting. 

Nylon Brush filled industrial brushes are suitable for a range of applications from aggressive scrubbing to dusting, in both dry and wet environments.

Tops Artist Blender Brush

The heart and soul of a paint brush is its bristles. Designed for use with oil and water based paints, as well as epoxy paints, the previously high quality raw material used has been upgraded by one grade.Long and soft bristles with flagged tips, and having the highest amount of bristles among its peers, the use of new raw materials.The epoxy glue bonding ensures that bristles will not fall off during application. Already durable, and tested to work well with heavy paints, the upgraded bristles will last even longer. 

Weber Museum Emerald Brush

The Emerald Series provides great versatility in a broad range of sizes and shapes and is suitable for multiple applications, techniques. Economically priced, these brushes are ideal for building a beginners set or to supplement an existing range. The durable Taklon bristles will withstand extensive use in oil, acrylic, watercolor and more and clean easily. Create beautiful effects and detail with the Deerfoot Stippler or Dagger Striper; apply washes, glues and sizing with the Flat Wash/Glazing brushes, this line is only as limited as your imagination!

Weber Museum Topaz Brush
The Museum® Blue Topaz Artist Brushes deliver the quality and reliability of high-end natural hair brushes without the high price tag! Choose from sable blend, raccoon, or hog bristle each is specially designed to withstand years of use without losing snap or shape. We pair only the finest materials with the highest quality workmanship to create this premium line that is perfect for all creative techniques in oil, acrylic, watercolor and more.
Winsor & Newton Foundation Brush

Winsor & Newton Foundation Brushes offer value for money brushes, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Choose your brush set depending on the fluidity of the colour you are using. The brushes are available in packs according to three hair types; hog bristle, white synthetic and golden synthetic. Each pack contains mixed brush heads. 

XDT Quality Brush

Badger Hair. For blending oil paint on canvas, Badger Hair is an age-old tradtion. It comes from various parts of the world and is more readily available than most animal hair, although the quality varies greatly. Badger hair is thickest at the point, and relatively thin at the root, so it has a distinctive "bushy" appearance.

Kevrin/Mongoose Hair is strong, resilient, and makes a good long-wearing, medium to professional quality brush for oil and acrylic painting.

Kolinsky Sable is not really from a sable at all, but comes from the tail of a species of mink that is a member of the weasel family found in Siberia and northeastern China. It is generally conceded to be the best material for oil and watercolor brushes due to its strength, spring and ability to retain its shape ("snap"). It holds a very fine point or edge. This is considered a professional grade of hair, and if properly cared for, Kolinsky will last for many years.

Red Sable is obtained from any member of the weasel family with "red" hair, not at all from the animal known as the sable. It is found in a variety of brush styles for many varied mediums, with quality and characteristics varying greatly. A good quality pure Red Sable is a good alternative to the more expensive Kolinsky, with similar performance and durability. Often, weasel hair is blended with ox hair to make a more economical brush, but the fine point is sacrificed.

Synthetics are man-made of either nylon or polyester filaments. They can be tapered, tipped, flagged, abraded or etched to increase color carrying ability. Often, synthetic filaments are dyed and baked to make them softer and more absorbent. The common name for this filament is "Taklon". Advantages of synthetic brushes are: 1) They are less prone to damage from solvents, insects or paints. 2) They are easier to keep clean than animal hair brushes because the filaments don't have animal scale structures to trap paint. 3) They are less prone to breakage and are durable on many different surfaces. 4) They are better suited for painting with acrylics because a synthetic filament will withstand the caustic nature of acrylic paints with less damage.

Gray Squirrel (Talayoutky), most highly in demand for lettering brushes and quills, is native to Russia and nearly always fell in short supply. Brown squirrel (Kazan) is more readily available, and is used mainly for medium quality and scholastic watercolor brushes. A very fine, thin hair, taken from squirrel tails, it points as well as Kolinsky, but has very little "snap" because the hair is not very resilient. It works best with liquid paints and inks.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush

A range of high quality, synthetic water colour brushes.

Cotman Water Colour Brushes are very popular, due to their blend of differing thickness fibres. The thicker fibres give strength and spring whilst the thinner fibres improve colour carrying capacity. Together they retain a perfect point, time after time.

The handles are designed to provide balance and comfort when painting. The ferrules are made from high quality nickel-plated brass which helps to prevent corrosion, clogging of hair and enables easy cleaning. The range features a wide selection of head shapes and sizes to suit all water colour techniques.

Handles: Available with short handles

Jack Richeson Extreme Kolinsky Brush

The first known use of the name Kolinsky was around 1851. The term refers to several varieties of Asian Weasels. Most typically referenced is the Marten weasel. The yellowish brown tail from the weasel is used to make high grade artist brushes. The finest Kolinsky hair comes from the Kolin Peninsula and then from a very high ratio of male hair to female hair. The female lives in an underground burrow and is rarely outside. The male is the hunter and forager. He hunts to bring food back to the family. Because he is outdoors most of the time, his coat is rich and thick and long. Their natural diet is one reason why farming these weasels has never been very successful.

The Series 7777 Extreme Kolinsky Round Brushes are produced by Richeson Art and are famous for their amazing quality and point and snap. These brushes are made by skilled German artisans and feature fine high quality brush hair. The brushes release paint evenly while holding paint in very well, and they are perfect for many different types of watercolor art works. Each brush is crafted with a high ratio of male Asian weasel hair, which is the best quality hair for high grade artist brushes. Richeson has sought to produce the finest watercolor brushes that are available anywhere, and this round brush set is made with that commitment. They are sure to meet any artist’s expectations for quality and functionality.

These Richeson Series 7778 Extreme Kolinsky Flat Brushes are an essential tool for any serious watercolor artist. They are produced by Richeson Art, a world renowned brush producer, and these are some of the finest watercolor brushes available anywhere. The Kolinsky hair comes from a variety of different Asian weasels, and the tail from the weasel is used to make these brushes. They are excellent in quality and hold color in very well, and the brush hairs are designed to last for several years when properly maintained. Professional grade brushes that can fit well into any artist’s tool set, and created by skilled artisans for the best quality possible.

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Carrying Case: Studio Line Brush Mat Bamboo Brush Mat Deluxe (black)

Studio Line Brush Mat Bamboo Brush Mat Deluxe (black)

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Carrying Case: Studio Line Brush Mat Bamboo Brush Mat Deluxe (cream)

Studio Line Brush Mat Bamboo Brush Mat Deluxe (cream)

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Masterson Bristle Artist Blender Brush 3"

Masterson Bristle Artist Blender Brush 3"

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