Derivan Block Ink

This block printing ink has the perfect consistency for lino and wood block printing, and transfers onto paper. It is non-toxic, water-based, and washes up easily in water.

Derivan developed this unique product for art and craft courses to give people a premium quality block printing ink that did not contain harmful solvents. Derivan Block Ink is therefore non-toxic and easy to clean up, while still giving the feel of a professional-grade oil-based printing ink.

Derivan Block Ink is available in open mouth 250ml jars.

The consistency of Derivan Block Ink will always give you sharp, accurate prints.

Derivan Block Ink has been formulated for lino and wood-block printing on paper with classroom teaching in mind. Derivan Block Ink will remain open on the block for some time but once printed will dry quickly to facilitate stacking of prints after each class. If a longer open time is required, mix the ink with Derivan Drying Retarder to slow the drying time.

Colour Mixing
All the colours may be intermixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. It is advisable to mix the colours with a spatula on a sheet of glass or other non-porous surface.

All Derivan Block Inks have an ASTM rating of either 1-2, indicating excellent permanency. They are artist quality and completely lightfast so they will neither fade nor break down over time.

For reference, the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a world-wide rating standard used to determine lightfast characteristics. The scale ranges from 1 (maximum lightfastness) to 5 (minimal lightfastness). This is important to determine if the paint will remain permanent over time.

Lukas Linol Printing Ink
Lukas Linol Lino Printing Inks are a versatile, water dilutable ink that can be used oneverything from linoleum, wood, material prints, glass, paper, and more. A highquality, water based, and water dilutable printing ink, Lukas Linol Inks remain wet onglass or linoleum for an elongated working time with a Lino roller for better results. Available in 12 opaque colors

Perfect For:

  • Printmaking
  • Linoleum, wood, plexi, glass, or paper
  • Easy clean up

Key Features:

  • Colors are intermixable and odorless
  • Quick drying and smudge-proof when used on paper
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