Cross over

February 8-25, 2020

Marco Bañares
Jay Condeno
Jay Francisco
Bayani Galera
Kel Hilario
Nikko Pelaez
Kenneth Santiago
Nissa Tayle
Michael Villagante

"The act of moving from one point to another becomes the central theme among the works of the nine artists in this exhibition. However, ”Crossover” does not simply look at the physical action of this undertaking. Here, the different narratives shared by the artists through their works denote how they reflect within their personal lives and surroundings in finding meaning to memories, thoughts, and actions."
—Gwen Bautista

Opening Reception is on February 8, 2020, Saturday 6pm.
The exhibition will run from February 8 to 25, 2020.
For inquiries, email or call 810-6877 or 0915-633-1530

Cover photo: "Law of Attraction" by Marco Bañares


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