EDWIN WILWAYCO "Conversation with Satie"

EDWIN WILWAYCO achieves, again, with determination and focus, compositions that radiate great feeling and complicated meaning and purpose. Conversations with Satie is another collection of dramatic lyrical paintings, this time with added subtle collage method, inspired by and evoking the physical sensation of music. In these paintings the musical philosophical seed is the French composer, Erik Satie (1866-1925). Conversations with Satie is a fresh and open dialogue for you, the viewer, to include your favorite music, poem, film, your faith and spirituality and even your favorite food. The point that Edwin Wilwayco is making with this series, and all his work, is that abstract painting has the power to stimulate in you unexpected freedom to explore your own personal creativity and to have fun. His motto is "Painting is Discovery". Anything can, and will happen in abstract painting because it is a pathway to other areas of intellectual engagement. What do you see? How do you feel? Ask questions and enjoy the conversation. Conversations with Satie runs until February 27, 2019


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