A Solo Exhibition by Markus Jentes
He's inviting everyone to his up coming show this Feb 20,2021 Saturday at 4pm.
In Espace Celine Room
Altro Mondo Creative Space
1159 Chino Roces Avenue, Brgy San Antonio Village, Makati City.
(02)7501 3270 to 71

also you can visit his website at

Markus Jentes is a Manila-based contemporary artist / photographer known for using vibrant lines and shapes in subtle yet mesmerizing paintings. A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of Pepperdine University and sporting an unnerving ensemble of artistic talent in fields such as music and architecture, he developed a distinctive style that blends sharp geometric minimalism with bold colors. While much of his career focused on photography, graphic design and advertising, he learned to capitalize on his creative experiences, channeling and informing his latest wave of personal artwork.

Since 2017, it has been a welcome return to basics for Markus. With reinvigorated drive to pursue his artistic instincts, he’s launched new pieces that push for new frontiers - experimenting with abstract patterns, implementing dot designs, and mixing mediums. His driving goals remain simple and straightforward: to continuously create art that elevates consciousness (both his and the audience's), art that always seeks to inspire.


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