In Between The Lines

In Between The Lines

This show is a collaboration between the artists, each creating their own versions of "Mercy" - a sculpture created by Ciane Xavier. ⁠⁠

In Between The Lines
May 1 - 22 , 2021

Modeka Art is proud to present "In between the lines", a group exhibition featuring Ciane Xavier, August Lyle Espino, Chalk Zaldivar, TRNZ, Froilan Calayag, and Miguel Borja. ⁠⁠

"The exhibition will also show an immense array of artworks expressing their personal understandings on subliminal meanings behind the superficial appearances of a picture and object."

"In between the lines" opens May 1 and will run until May 22. For inquiries, you may reach out to via DMs or email at ⁠⁠

Modeka Art
0956 174 9185
La Fuerza Gate 2, Makati, Metro Manila


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