Pilgrim’s Call

Pilgrim’s Call
48 x 36 inches
Acrylic on canvas
In Adeo Sta. Juana’s first solo exhibition, he contemplates on our experience of our day to day that we may seem to have taken for granted because of our somewhat complacent certainty that the sun will rise every morning. As we fall under the illusion that our value is measured by our productivity in society, Sta. Juana invites us to take a pause from ‘which might grow a sense of presence that allows for other presences, of people and surroundings that we hardly spare a glance at as we rush through the day.’
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As a morning person, Sta. Juana is inspired by his daily and occasional encounters in his surroundings. He writes, “I captured sun-drenched scenes of people and their colored shadows, portraits of the morning, if you will. I am both a witness and a participant in those moments: sunrays descending upon the darkness and cool air fading as the sun’s warmth radiates; sounds that overlap: at once the ringing of a school bell and the dark timbre of the church bell, or honking cars and then the sudden whistling from a neighbor’s kettle; the aroma of coffee and fried rice slowly mingling with the smell of “siga” or smoke from fallen leaves meticulously gathered and then set aflame. “
The morning will surely prove itself again tomorrow. And yet sometimes there come circumstances beyond our control that will make our experience of the morning light so much different from what we have always experienced. Because even as it recurs, it is also very momentary.
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