Street Code

A Group Exhibit of renowned Filipino Artists.

*Dennis Bato       *Lindslee          *Mark Salvatus

Artery Art Space is proud to present “Street Code”, featuring paintings by Dennis BatoLindslee, and Mark Salvatus that survey the signs of abstraction while taking cues from the city, producing gestural marks that echo rhythmic patterns trodden in dense space, delineating the boundary negotiations crossing over hard-edged intersections of existential minimalist design, producing layered grounds that are to become the etched and textured history of place, posts that are blurred mechanically off their meanings like subliminal scripts bound to material and its many desires, ultimately picturing a contemporary condition of flux identity and subjective indeterminacy with filigrees of empirical data embedded in codes of visual style.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only.

Gallery Address:

102 P.Tuazon Blvd.,
Cubao, Quezon City
Manila, Philippines

by appointment only


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