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Colleen Poster Color: Black 20ml


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Poster color is a kind of opaque water color, similar to gouache, suitable for various fine arts design and typeface design.
Poster color is less glue more pigment, moderate thickness, strong covering power, good fluidity and use smoothly and evenly. Poster color can cover other colors due to its strong covering power, and can be revised easily at any moment.
Poster color is widely used for design, poster, advertisement, propaganda and so on, ideal painting color for students as well as practice purpose.
Colleen Poster Color no streak or crack, no color shifting when dry. Other than that, the paper wont roll up when poster color apply on it even after it dry. Colleen poster color are super washable, very low odor and providing brightest finish when apply. Colleen Poster Color can mix easily, paint smoothly and dry quickly. A budget poster color for student.

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Colleen Poster Color: Black 20ml

Colleen Poster Color: Black 20ml