It is your responsibility to train, coach and discipline your subordinates.

It is your responsibility to communicate job expectations to your subordinates; planning what will be the best thing to do to improve the sales, monitoring the flow of the store operations of each branches and reviewing their job contributions and report it to the admin for analysis.

You must run a safe, injury/accident free workplace on all the work place. 
You must serve as primary point of contact when there are customer issues related to product quality, customer service, or accidents.
You must communicate customer issues with the admin to find ways of improving the customer experience, including resolving problems and complaints
Work closely with the admin (management) to implement policies, procedures and systems and to follow through with implementation.
Work closely with the team to perform analysis of our inventory and ensure we are utilizing our inventory effectively.
Responsible to check on sales department if they need to update website prices, stock quantity, pictures, and information that needs improvements.
You are responsible for the whole operations of TOPS, that includes the audit, online order, sales and deliveries
You are obliged to visit each branch at least 5 times per month
You will need to deposit the cash in case it reaches Php25t pesos
You need to make sure store is well organized and presentable to customers
You need to take note fast and slow moving products, for marketing strategic plan.
You need to remind sales rep for their obligations of their work.
You need to work out with SR and OSO for restocking of saleable products.



Dispatch & Delivery

It is your responsibility to schedule deliveries by communicating with the OSO of delivery and dispatch for an organize delivery system.

Responsible for Dispatching of shipping, delivery and coordination with products if the order is ready.

Organizing the schedule of TOPS delivery and Booking of other couriers.



Responsible in answering customer inquiry via text call landline viber chat fb messenger and other authorizes tops messenger system.

Liable and accountable for sales representative errors of misinforming of irresponsible users  of the POS inventory liable for any lost or damage of any products that has not been informed to the admin.

You are responsible to collect reports from the sales representative to monitor what are the fast selling, slow moving and damage products.

You are responsible for all the TOPS braches operation, you are advise to work in each branch for 5 days a week in scheduled rotation, in this manner you can observe the work flow of each branches.




You are oblige to create one(1) newsletter or email blast a week to promote the company

You need to create creative marketing products every month; promo or sale of not so moving products.

B.1 Answer all the inquiries online; provide product details or direct customer to check the website by giving out the link of the oil paint store.

B.2 Marketing and online sales

B.2.1 You are responsible to post or market our products online by posting it on the authorized social media accounts.

B.2.2 When attending customer inquiries via email push the customer to order in the TOPS website by sending them the link rather than getting there order via chat.

B.2.3 You must remember that sales and orders via chat must be encode on the website.

A.1 Update customers for new arrival of the new products inform potential customers from your list or experience via message, calls or via email.

A.2 You must post daily updates on social media for new products is a good marketing strategy that can attract customers, make sure to advertise twice or thrice a week to feature the products.

A.3 Customers with special order over 50 pieces and up is required for a 50% down payment

A.4 Special orders that are not available via local suppliers must be coordinate with the purchasing officer for further planning of pricing. If a customer approves the price, a down payment of 50% is required to proceed with the order.




G.1.1 You need to check the email that is connected from the website for customer's inquiry from time to time during working hours.

G.1.2 If messages are already read from the email connected from the website, you must mark it as handled.



A.1 You are responsible to encode the customers ordered items from calls, emails and other official messaging system of tops to the website to be reviewed by the online sales officer, for stock ordering from the local supplier.

A.2 You are responsible to update the sales representatives from each branches to order directly every 10th and 25th of the month for restocking of your branch.





A.1.1 You are responsible to update the cash sales to the admin and ask if it is time to deposit cash sales to the bank (If the cash inside the cash register has already reached to Php25,000, Please deposit it right away.

A.1.2 You are responsible to collect all the cash sales from each branches to deposit it in the bank.

A.1.3 Safekeeping of the cash sales is your responsibility when transporting it to the bank; make sure to vary the day and time as much as possible. Routine schedules can easily be predicted by a would-be robber.

A.1.4 When transporting cash, never keep it in a marked bag visible to others.

A.1.5 It is your responsibility to collect the bank receipts for deposit, then compile it and send it to the admin.


A.1.1 Not selling and slow moving products.

A.1.2 Purchased receipts from local supplier for stocks.

A.1.3 Unsold or unfinished online transactions. Must be updated monthly or ask for reason for unfinished orders.

A.1.4. Request for re ordering from international supplier.

A.1.5 Request for local suppliers  for stocks in any TOPS branches.

A.1.6 Improve sales and must think of new pakulo . Promo or sale

A.1.7 All collectibles (utang) must be reported and updated.



Customers with utang or over payment

Customer PDC

Online promos