DISPATCH & DELIVERY Responsibilities & Liabilities
Dispatch & Delivery: Arvie Balisang & Daniel Dumalaog

A.1. Policies & purpose for the use of company’s delivery vehicle

A.1.1 Our company vehicle policy describes our guidelines for using company vehicle. A “company vehicle” is assigned to you to complete your job in delivery service. The Company vehicles belong to our company and we want to make sure you use them properly.
A.1.2 You must have a valid driver’s license.
A.1.3 You must have a clean driving record. This means they mustn’t have been held at fault for a car accident, or arrested on charges of violating vehicle and traffic laws (e.g.driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).
A.1.4 You will need to complete a form and submit a copy of their driver’s license to be eligible for a company car.
A.1.5 You must drive safe and sober.
A.1.6 You must respect traffic laws and fellow drivers.
A.1.7 You must document any driving-related expenses, like fuels and tolls.
A.1.8 You must check the delivery vehicle regularly to ensure gas, tire pressure, speedometer gauge, odometer and all car fluids are at appropriate levels.
A.1.9 You must report any damages or problems with their assigned cars to admin as soon as possible.
A.1.10 You must avoid double-parking, blocking entrances and engaging in other traffic violations that may result in fines.
A.1.11 You must wear safety gears like helmet or seatbelt while driving.
A.1.12 If you are fatigued and/or sick should avoid driving if you feel that your driving ability is impaired.
A.1.13 You should not violate distracted driving laws by using a phone or texting while driving.
A.1.14 You should not allow unauthorized people to drive a company car, unless an emergency mandates it.
A.1.15 You are responsible for bringing in their company vehicles for any maintenance our company schedules.


A.2.1 If you are involved in an accident with a company car, you should contact admin immediately. You shouldn’t accept responsibility or guarantee payment to another party in an accident without company authorization.
A.2.2 You should follow legal guidelines for exchanging information with other drivers and call local police if accidents are serious.


A.3.1 We want to ensure that all our employees are safe at work and preserve our company’s legality.
A.3.2 We make sure cars are safe to drive before assigning them to employees.
A.3.3 We Schedule periodical maintenance to ensure cars remain in good condition.
A.3.4 We provide a copy of this policy to all employees who are assigned company vehicles.
A.3.5 We ensure vehicles with a reliable insurance provider.
A.3.6 We keep records of our fleet with manufacturing date and mileage. We will retire any car that’s deemed too old or too high in mileage.
A.3.7 We are not responsible for paying fines employees accumulate while driving company vehicle that they are responsible for (e.g. for driving too fast.)
A.3.8 We are not responsible in bailing out employees arrested while driving company vehicles.
A.3.9 We protecting the environment and saving gas costs, so we expect you to use the company’s vehicle sensibly.


A.4.1 You will face disciplinary consequences if you don’t follow this policy’s rules. For offenses, like allowing unauthorized people to drive a company car or receiving more than [two] fines, dishonesty like tampering of gas receipts, and driving while intoxicated, we may issue suspension or termination.

A.5 Trabaho ng Pahinante

A.5.1 Organize ng dadalhin- Ayusin ang pag salansa ng kargamento para hindi ma damage sa byahe. Mag lagay ng tale kung kinakailangan, Ipitin para hindi ma tumba ang likido (liquid).
A.5.2 Pagtatanong. Responsibilidad ng isang pahinante ang mag tanong sa mga tao, kung saan ang desyinasyon, tamang lugar na address na pag dedeliveran. Bumaba kung kinakailangan, at humingi ng tulong, sa mga tao, gwardya, or authoridad kung saan ang tamang lugar or tamang papupuntahan ng inyong destinasyon
A.5.3 Pagdating sa paroroonan. Responsibilidad ng isang pahinante na mag baba ng order sa tamang address/lokasyon. Pag dating sa lokasyon, e baba mga dapat e baba, magtanong pag hindi alam, humingi ng tulong kung kinakailangan.
A.5.4. Suriin at basahin mabuti ang listahan sa resibo, tignan ang tamang address, produkto/item ng order, isa isahin ang mga items/produkto kung tama ang laman kumpara sa resibo.
*Ingatan at alagaan ng mabuti, ang tamang pag karga/diskarga ng kargamento. Bawal e bagsak, at e ating sa mabasang lugar. Gumamit ng gloves hanggat maari pag na hande ng PAINTINGS.

B.1 Handling of cash, deliveries and documents

The Oil Paint Store hired you to become responsible. You must take care of all items that handed to you. Please handle it with care and protect everything with confidentiality. Always communicate on the receiving person that you have something you brought from original sender.
B.1.1 When picking up stocks from the suppliers make sure you have doubled check the items before leaving. Missing or lost items will be charge at your expense and will deduct on your next salary.
B.1.2 When you received cash from somebody or from your delivery make sure you properly count the money aloud to avoid confusion.
B.1.3 You are responsible with the cash payments you have received from the customers, remit and hand it to the operations officer and/or admin when you have returned to the store or office.
B.1.4 Double check all items you are carrying before leaving and arriving on the destination if there is missing or damage goods.
B.1.5 When arriving in Cainta, always discharge all items you are carrying, remove from the vehicle and advice Audit the items you brought and place in the specified places.
B.1.6 Always make sure products are well protected. You are responsible for products that are damage during delivery. Make sure to check the items before leaving and report to the officer if you notice there is damage.

B.2 Metro Manila Deliveries

B.2.1 You must contact to the operations officer and online sales officer for schedules and wait for their instructions regarding delivery and pick ups from the supplier.
B.2.2 All deliveries must have presta receipt or print our receipt with duplicate.
B.2.3 Before leaving for delivery, you must double check the items and how many boxes or bags you are going to delivered to avoid missing piece or exchanging delivered items.
B.2.4 You are responsible to organize the best route going to your delivery address for the fastest delivery arrival. Make sure you arrived on time with customer’s time request.
B.2.5 You must remind the operations officer if customers request for change from there payment before leaving the store/house for a hassle free transaction.
B.2.6  When arriving on your delivery address, you must count, check and compare items from presta shop receipt in front of the customer.
B.2.7  You have to make sure that the customer you delivering is the exact order location.
B.2.8 Make sure to ask the customer to sign on the duplicate presta receipt of the receivers name, signature and time of arrival.
B.2.9 Always check if you receive the duplicate before leaving. Do not leave other customers receipt from other customers. This is confidential.

B.3 Shipment via Courier

B.3.1 You must help the online sales officer in packing items for delivery.
B.3.2 You must double check the items from receipt one by one. All shipment must always have presta receipt. You must REPORT to admin shipment that has no presta receipt paper.
B.3.3 Always packed the products properly and well protected and make sure the products will not be damage during shipment.

  1.       Deliveries with out presta receipt and document
  2.       Shipment that is pack in boxes must contains presta receipt
  3.       Inform audit office for documents you brought to cainta
  4.       Damage document during travel including products and other goods
  5.       Damage car parts
  6.       Damage or lost accessories or tools
  7.       Maintenance and change oil due dates