Derivan Matisse Ink: Orange 45ml


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Matisse Inks are radiant and do not fade with time because they use quality pigments instead of dyes. They can be applied for conventional calligraphy methods and at the same time they can be used to paint with brush or in technical drawings. Watercolour artists admire the effects that are achieved through Matisse Inks. They are also great for floating or colour washes. These inks offer liner art work an entire new dimension.

All the colours are intermixable making wet on wet painting, such as watercolour applications, exciting and challenging. The metallics offer interesting additions and effects due to the different surface tension of these colours. The iridescent can be mixed wet or dry with any colour to make it pearlescent.

Water may be added to make Matisse Inks thinner and more versatile. But be careful because the water may weaken the inks water resistant capacity by affecting the amount of acrylic binder present in the ink. It may also increase its drying time. For this reason, the company suggests the use of Matisse Ink Extender for thinning. This superior extender making the inks flexible and more adaptable and about 25% of it can be readily added for thinning purpose.

Matisse Inks are readily washable in water to ease up the cleaning process. Airbrushes, pens and brushes when still wet can be easily cleaned with water. For cleaning dried inks Matisse Ink Cleaners are recommended. Pens or brushes are best dipped in Matisse Ink Cleaner and then cleaned up in lukewarm soap water.

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Derivan Matisse Ink: Orange 45ml

Derivan Matisse Ink: Orange 45ml