SD 1

Lost & Missing Cash from sender and receiver + Code of conduct 

SD 2

SR- Lost/Missing CASH transactions salary deduction for missing amount + Code of conduct

SD 3

Lost & Missing Expensive  tools/equipments - with confirmed invistigation 

SD 4

Damage item/product not repairable 

SD 5

Missing EHD, Slimdrive and flash drive - with confirmed invistigation 

SD 6

Pick up from supplier- Deliery Man lost item from local suppliers

SD 7

Over item delivered (NCR)- Over item at hindi binayaran ng customer - sundject to salary deduction 

SD 8

Damage items delivered (NCR) - Kapag napatunayan na nasira ng DM ang item subject for salary deduction.

SD 9

OMG - Unpaid Shipment/booking  - Salary deduction for unpaid shipment and booking. Except for loyal customer, must approved by manager. 

SD 10

SR- Unpaid shipment/booking/delivery - Salary deduction With Pt deduction

SD 11

Before pick up - NEED to coordinate on online processor & billing department  for confirmation orders are paid & before paying shipping fee (lalamove/LBC)

SD 12

OMG Unregistered transactions- Salary deduction for unregistered transaction if no presta receipt and sales invoice + code of conduct.

SD 13

SR Unregistered transactions - Salary deduction for unregistered transaction + code of conduct without prestashop ,

 Official Receipt, Stock out to customer receipt if w/o OR. 

SD 14

Missed pick up from supplier - hindi na check, missing item  hindi na kuha with in 3-5 days Note: Pt. deduction  for missed item pick up (2pts)

SD 15

Error shipment shopee/lazada/preta - Wrong products packed - subdject salaray deduct & shoulder shipment 


Note: If re-shipping payment care of TOPS  = SD , If TOPS didn't pay for re-shipping= Pt. deduction

SD 16

Damage repacking conatiners - Salary deduction. 



























Terms, conditions & exemptions

2 pts 


Lost & Missing Tools  - Missed placed & lost tools (cutter, scissors, ruler etc.)

All office, store & productions equiments and tools 

List of tools use in production

2 pts 


Missed Items (Negligence) 

Delivery Man - Nakalimot/ Nakaiwan item  request at binalikan sa stores/office. 

Panukli - Kaylangan na ng panukli, hindi nakapag request. 

Stock Transfer - Hindi napadala important & urgent item need PICK UP by customer

5 pts 

Missing store branches door key and TOPS Van/motor 

5 pts 

Missing important documents  (supplier receipt, POS Receipt and other important documents) Pag na basa ang documents na hindi na ingatan subject to pt deduction. 

1 pt

Misplace "Bayong" - Hindi na alam nasaan/ Nawala ang bayong 

2- 3 pts 


Missed Endorsement 

Stock transfer - Not endorse item branches from & to branches , cainta from & to branches 

Stocks delivery - Hindi o nakalimutang  binaba items & stocks sa van/motor , not endorse to SR & OMG 

SR Pending transactions - Not endorse to next SR duty 

Supplier reciepts - Not endorse supplier reciepts need to isue cheques

Sukli - from Cainta cash box hindi na endorse ng maayos o nawala ang resibo (Salary deduct. nawalang sukli)


5 pts 


Wrong send of reports and other confidential files 

2 pts 


Wrong item purchase from supplier - hindi mabenta at hindi pwede return exchange to supplier 

2 pts 


Store products stocks - Out of stock sa store - with stock at ware house (cainta) - (upon auditing)

Website - Out of stock - with stock at ware house (cainta)

SR to Online and Online to SR requesting of stocks vice versa - item confirm  OS upon re checking with stock - Should recheck before confirming 

1 pts


Error on Finish customize canvas (size,type & design) Pts depened on canvas amount 

Small size canvas less than 2x2   1pt each 

4 pts

Medium size 2x2 to 4x4 ft up  

3 pts 

Wrong canvas type,size & other info napagawa sa production, Hindi natapos deadline for deliver o naka schedule 

ng OM team for deliver pero hindi pa nagawa.

5 pts 


Damage canvas  with confirmed investigation 

2 pts 

Damage item/product repairable 

1 pt


Wrong Label - stocks/items/documents request "FROM & TO" 

2 pts 

Hindi natanggal STICKER LABEL - Confidential stickers/label -  (info) bago ILABAS ng cainta. 

2 pts


Wrong Barcode attached on items 

3 to 5 pts


Items Return/Exchange checking - kung mabebenta pa sa original price, if hindi na at tinanggap pd.



Subordinate gained pt deductions - equivalent 1pt to manager (depend on subordinates numbers)



Wrong pa-repack - Kulay item request- mali ang na parepack base sa request/order (case to case basis)

2 pts


Using of TOPS Accounts, gmail, phone number for personal transactions and orders. 

3-5 pts


No restocking fee was given- For replace order = 10% if none = 15% (case to case of basis)

2 pts


Stocks Wrong Update -  Nag out of stock ng item upon checking mayron pang stocks.

1 pts

G 17

An Updated Excel reports (audited once) Online/SR-Branches/Dispatching/Cainta Cash Excel report
- Audited (once) and reported makalipas ang (1 week) hindi parin updated. "Be responsible sa pag double & re-check ng reports"

2 pts


Pag nakalimutan mag send sa unclaimed group ng mga payment ng customer at Cash Deposit slip. If hindi reflected automatic salary deduction.

1-2  pt                             G19

 Pag nakalimutan mag sign out or report manager will decide regarding sa signing out pag nag pasa ng timesheet.









2 pts 


Wrong/missed & lost item delivered (NCR) 

Wrong item deliver , customer insist need it to deliver w/ delivery fee. 

Wrong & switched order derliver to customer (Wrong & switched by delivery man)

pag napa kiusapan yong customer no point deduction but you need to correct prestashop receipt and new total.

Wrong Deliver Art Bar Orders – Wrong/ missed items deliver at kaylangan pang balikan 



Second Delivery (double NCR shipment)

Nakalimutang dalhin na items ang delivery man prepared by processor 

1 pt


Delivery man Wrong & Over item/products nadala, naiwan. Wrong location pinag babaan ng items. 

2 pts 


Hindi sinunod ang ruta - Nasa schedule at di sinunod

5 pts 


Change oil - Hindi na gawa at naubusan 







Order Packer 

2 pts


Wrong/missed item delivered (NCR) 

Wrong  & switched item derliver to customer, Customer complain wrong item received - person Prepared the order

2 pts 


Wrong/missed &  item delivered (PROV) Prov. Wrong item deliver, hindi binayaran ng customer 

2 pts 


Wrong item deliver , customer insist need it to deliver w/ delivery fee. -processor will pay the shipping charge back and forth.

 If ang customer ay pumayag na bayaran nalang ang item na mali na napadala ng processor no pt deduction.

1 pt


Second Delivery (double NCR shipment)

Nakalimutang ipadala na items at 2nd delivery at hindi napakiusapan ang customer

1 pt


Second Delivery (double PROV shipment)

For Second shipment at ayaw shoulder ng client ang shipping charge, processor is liable to pay the delivery charge.

If the customer is willing to pay the shipping charge no pt deduction.

2 pts


Over item delivered (PROV)- Over item at hindi binayaran ng customer - sundject to salary deduction 

2 pts 


Over item delivered (NCR)- Over item at hindi binayaran ng customer - sundject to salary deduction 

1 pt


Damage Item shippe (PROV) - If not damage by courier  Pt deduction processor 

If customer insist hindi sya aware sa sira or defect - processor is liable to shoulder shipping charge back & forth.

If pina redeliver ng Customer ang damage item without delivery fee subject for salary deduction another + O9

1 pt


Damage items delivered (NCR)- Deniliver ang item na alam ng taga prepare na damage na at hindi aware ang customer point deduction ng nag prepare.

If pina redeliver ng Customer ang damage item without delivery fee subject for salary deduction another + O9

2 pts 


Error shipment shopee/lazada - Wrong products packed Wave if corrected and okay sa customer







Online Report

1 pt 


Missed & Over supplier delivery - Wrong encode 

1 pt 


Missed & Over on sales invoice - or wrong item sales invoice (per transaction)
Sales invoice must be correct Name of customer, date shipped and total.

1 pt 


Wrong Prestashop Encode -   Order of customers - mistakenly input wrong item and ship wrong item. 

1 pt 


Wrong encode details 3-5 wrong  1 week report upon auditing 

1 pt


Missed message info. Presta & change status (Erron on qty & item update)

Need to message customers - OS items, Item not available, Add. SF, Tracking num. 

Before  emailing/ change status cutomer - correct na ang (QTY, Item and total ) pag naka bayad na customer tapos

may na missed na item check point deduction.

Need changing status "Shipped" ang customer after ma shipped within 24 hours point deduction per message  and missed change status.

Case to case basis 

2 pts 


Missed delivery report/ Missed POSBO report every week 

Order missed report on excel - should edit within 24 hrs inform billing/audit - for no pt deduction

Misses report - stock in/out & sales invoice . 

3 pts 


Missed encode Shopee / Lazada orders excel report 

1 pt 


Stock Adjust & inventory - check before posting  stock adjust. Point deductions per items if found error 

1 pt 


Stock transfer out - Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock out,Late stock out, unposted report. 

1 pt 


Stock transfer in - Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock in, Late Stock in,unposted report. 

1 pt 

Stock receipts - Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock in,Late Stock in, unposted report. 

Before encoding omg is responsible to check the item attached stock receipts on supplier reciepts 

1 pt 


Sales Return - Wala or Late/Missed Sales return  (1 week duration), Aknowledge endorsement ng return pero di na sales return.
Nagkamali ng sales invoice pero walang sales return.

Shopee & Lazada 

1 pt


Wrong shopee/lazada update - Price,size,qty. 

1 pt


Stocks Shopee/lazada- Naka OS sa accnt pero meron pang stocks.

1 pt 


Un - updated price Shopee/lazada

 Kapag may nag order at wrong price - Salary deduction

 Kapag may nag order at no stocks tapos na arrange pick up na ang order – Pt deduction 1pt

(Kung ang order ay out of stocks na ang item at pumayag ang customer sa inalok na ibang item wave ang pt. deduction)

1 pt 


Hindi napadala ang request ng branches pag nag follow up pa after 3 days. And yong order sa supplier na hindi na update at hindi napa order or nakaligtaan.

1 pt


Lazada and shopee , for late processing naka penalty and may SLA breached na meron stock sa warehouse , subject for PT deduction. After investigation by Auidt.  And Wasting of Pouch and waybill upon auditing and after invistigation. 


OM 32

Upon actual Audit and checking pag nag prepare ng order sa STL,Prestahop & Artbar. Nang hindi pa na babalot tapos Nakita n may error subject for PD.

1 pt

OM 33

Wrong Waybill/ wasting of label and pouches  (Mali ang nadikit na waybill or double print )




















1 pt 

OM 34

Sales invoice / DR naiwan o nagkapalit at may kaylangan balikan sa Art bar. 

1 pt 

OM 35

Wrong barcode attached on items delivered at Art bar. 



















Sales Representatives


2 to 5 pts 


Lost/Missing CASH transactions - Allow short after EOD is 10.00 Only

Kung nasingil ang customer within 3 days no salary deduction but Pt deduction will apply.

Note: Out customer- If no OR - Need to received on account ang pera and input on Excel Report.

EOD with  walk in, need input on excel to report on manager. Cash received on account / stock out to customer next day.  Wrong counting of Money. 

1 pt


POS Error on cash flow 

Error must be fixed within the day before  mag cash counting put notes/comments ang print at report reasons - for no point deduction 

Sukli ,Deliveries, Pera padala NEED TO received on account sameday received from rider. 

5 pts 


Error on cash count EOD/short at the EOD - Wrong cash count , missing paid out & received on account. 

5 pts 


Error on cash IN / opening- If over or less , check for received on account or paid out the amount with written report. 

Note: must be fix after counting if not pt deduction will applied 


1 pt


Stock Adjustment - Pt deduct. Per transaction error on stock adjust. Need to double check before posting stock adjustment. 

2 pts


Stock transfer out- Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock out, unposted report. 

1 pt


Stock transfer in - Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock in, unposted report. 

1 pt


Stock receipts - Wrong item,qty,size. Wrong Location, Double Stock in, unposted report. Before encoding SR 

is responsible to check the item attached stock receipts on supplier reciepts 

Note: Allowed not same day posting atleast 2 days, notice manager before editing. 3 concecutive error subject for dicipinary action. 

1 pt


Error on excel report - If any of the details are not recorded - Amount,OR#/PRESTA# , Ref. # out to customers. If no OR name,discount & downpayment 

1 pt


Missed sent of reports - Excel, POS EOD, Stock in & out, Stock receipts. Wave due to electrical & internet interruption. 

1 pt


MISSED message info. & change stat. Pick up presta order - Need to infor customers for OS items, Item not available

Change stat. Pick Up  after customers pick up orders. 

Need before email/change stat. need correct details (qty,items, total) if theres missed items after customer pays - SR Pt deduction

3 pts


Return item & Refund item - Need OR receipt and include to excel report if not included for  pt deduction. 

5 pts 


Unpaid shipment/booking/delivery - Salary deduction 

Before pick up - NEED to coordinate on online processor & billing department  for confirmation orders are paid & before paying shipping fee (lalamove/LBC) 

2 pts


Unauthirized transactions  - NOT ALLOWED - Meet up customer/lalamove/grab  outside store & paying orders/purchase outside store.

Note: Allowed to assist customers out of the store if with consent. 

1 pt


Wrong Canvas Computation - Seek for managers approval & help for canvas computation

1 pt


Cash couting - Should be visible on cctv camera

Pick up product purchases checking - ilabas sa plastic at bilangin sa harap ng customer. 

2 pts


SR total amount & item total qty voice out - Pt deduction when the total amount & item total qty is not cleared and not stated. (call attention of sr) Inconsistent ng pagsabi ng amount/Change sa customer.

1 pt

SR 18

Not update Costing from supplier (Dapat ma Chat sa POSBO GC na pa update ang costing.)


SR 19

 Wrong punch Item (Salary deduction pagmali ang price na punch at nauwi na ng customer di naibalik sa store, upon investigation.)










Canvas Productions 

2 pts


Unfinished  Canvas - Dedline not meet , delivery schedule not meet 

1 pt


Wrong sticker/Label - Wrong canvas type,size sticker.

code G7

Wrong finished canvas - go to Code G7

*If not paid by customer Price difference = Salary deduction      *if Paid by customer = Pt deduction 

3 pt


Damage Canvas- passed the quality check but there was damage upon delivery returned by stores/customer- 

with confirmed invistigation production error.

1 pt


Failed to updated "DONE" canvas on viber (canvas production group)

1 pt


Not updated Canvas works per person - must report to prod. Head all done canvas work 

1 pt


Waste canvas cloth, paints, woods etc.  With confirmed investigation. 

1-2 pts


Canvas repair- Upon quality checking may deffect need to repair.













Kulay Production 

2 pts


Waste of products - spilled paint and other products

2 pts 


Over stock of kulay pail - If more that 3 to 5 pail per color/ slow moving color, products. 

1 pt


Un-updated written repacking report every day.

1 pt


Wrong Sticker/label - Wrong size, item, color, viaration sticker 

1 pt


Damage repacking conatiners - Salary deduction if not repairable Note: pt deduction if repairable 

1 pt


Unfinished Repacking - Dedline not meet , delivery schedule not meet, depends on situation. 

2 pts 


2 pails open per color - NOT ALLOWED dapat maubos muna ang isang pail before mag open 

1 pt


Failed to report and order all out of stock product to repack 

1-5 pts


Damage container/pack Hindi nasara ng maayos, nag leak  1-5 PTS subject salary deduction depends sa damage.



















Distpaching (ware house)

1 pt


Wrong/Missed encode orders /returns details/ notes  3-5 wrong  1 week report upon auditing 

1 pt


Not recorded in summary stocks out to branches - dala ng delivery man (written report) (case to case basis)













5 pts


Due CCTV record not copied - Failed to update/remind audit new cctv copy received. Failed to recopy cctv 

Missed to copy, date expired or full EHD 

2 pt2


CCTV review double checking: Weekly if 5-8 transaction missed w/ pd 2 pts

2 pts


Failed to submit reports - weekly cctv review, checked branches stock transfers & reciepts sales invoice. Wrong attachement of report

2 pts


Checking stock transfer - wrong check, wrong higlighted qty,items, compared to wrong reference.

2-5 pts


Failed to report questionable transactions: outside store, unrigister w/ money involve, over and les items/sukli. 

Other transactions that subjected for questioning by auditors and managers.

2 pts


Naiwan na report- Not allowed actual audit report maiwan.

2-3 pts


Erro  on Actual Audit- Wrong check stock receipts, Un-matched written report of observation, Wrong cash count need to double check before reporting 

1 pt


Actual Audit proper dress code - NOT ALLOWED shorts, sando, slipers, sandals, should be TOPS shirt, pants & shoes

1 pt


Failed to report on Actual Audit schedule except for emergency or important matters











1 pt 


Double encode of purchases receipts.

1 pt 


Not check/ un slant details to check on master list. 

2 pts 


Un updated status/details encode  in master list (lbc charges)















Code of Conduct

General Policy

Sales Representatives -SR

Online Management Team -OM


Dispatch & Deliveries -DM