Gouache Tempera & Decorative 

Gouache Tempera & Decorative


Jack Richeson Powder Paints

Powder Paint is convenient and easy to use! Just mix equal parts of Powder Paint and water and you’re ready to get painting. For thinner washes add more water; for thicker, more rich colors add a bit less water. Available in 1lb and 1/2lb. containers.

Caution: Pigments may stain. We recommend wearing an apron during use.

9 Color Powder Paint Set Contains one pound jars: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, white, black, brown
Tri Art Tempera Paints

It's never to early to be introduced to quality!

Formulated to the same high standards you've come to expect from Tri-Art Mfg. Our tempera has superior flexibility and adhesion to surfaces without cracking or dusting compared to other student temperas on the market.The colours will not separate in the jar and have a great shelf life. All batches are tested for lead and heavy metals, are non toxic, and have low odour. 

Primary Tempera is in a liquid state and like all temperas, it will not be water resistant once dry.
Tri Art UVfx Paints

UVFX Black Light Poster paint is available in 10 Colours and has two mediums: UV Medium - Gloss and UV - Medium Matte.

UVFX is an ultraviolet reactive paint that glows in the dark! Exciting fluorescent colours provide everything you need to create dynamic effects for scenic painting, posters and live events! The UVFX Medium can be mixed in with paint or used on its own on a top layer. The mediums are white in appearance when wet, and clear when dry.

Glow in the dark performs best over black.
Fluorescent colours perform best over white.
Black acrylic will not be enhanced by the UV Medium.
​You must have a black light to experience the full effect.

Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache
We've been making our Designers Gouache since 1935 - a tantalising range of 82 opaque water colours. Popular among designers, illustrators and commercial artists, our gouache paint is perfect for creating bold, vibrant artworks. All these tones are intermixable and you can pair them with our water colours for a flat, matte colour effect. Designers' Gouache is a brilliant, opaque, artist-quality body colour, developed for professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction. It is also widely used in fine art painting, both on its own and with transparent watercolours.The high-quality pigments and reflective qualities of the fine calcium carbonate specified by Daler-Rowney ensure that Designers' Gouache retains its pure bright colour across all the glowing shades in the range.Designers' Gouache is characterised by its fine flowing texture, tinting strength and excellent covering power. Apply with confidence, using a brush, ruling pen or airbrush.
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Maries Gouache: Maries Gouache Colour 12pcs 12ML

Maries Gouache Colour 12pcs 12ML

0 on stock
12pcs 12ml
Out of Stock
PHP 375.00
PHP 363.75 per 6pcs or more
Pebeo Studio Gouache Paint 12 colors x 12ml

Pebeo Studio Gouache Paint 12 colors x 12ml

Pebeo 4 on stock
12 colors x 12ml
In Stock
PHP 290.00
PHP 281.30 per 6pcs or more
Schmincke Akademie Gouache Set 10pcs x 60ml

Schmincke Akademie Gouache Set 10pcs x 60ml

Schmincke Künstlerfarben 8 on stock
Cardboard set with 10x 60 ml tubes
In Stock
PHP 4,388.00
Schmincke Akademie Gouache Set 5pcs x 20ml

Schmincke Akademie Gouache Set 5pcs x 20ml

Schmincke Künstlerfarben 0 on stock
Cardboard set witht 5x 20 ml tubes
Out of Stock
PHP 1,275.00
Simbalion Gouache 24 Colors

Simbalion Gouache 24 Colors

479 on stock
In Stock
PHP 380.00
Simbalion Gouache Paint Set 14 Colors

Simbalion Gouache Paint Set 14 Colors

Simbalion 998 on stock

In Stock
PHP 343.00

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